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Determinants Of Foreign Exchange Rates

Determinants Of Foreign Exchange Rates A country’s foreign exchange rates are an indication of its economic health. Its exchange rate plays a very important role in its trade level. It is for this reason that rates are constantly scrutinized, analyzed and at times manipulated by government departments. For the individual investor, these rates often have […]

An Introduction To Foreign Exchange Rate

  Foreign exchange rates affect not only a country’s economy, but also the average man in the street. If you purchase a foreign item or you travel internationally, you are involved in this massive financial market. Most individuals are normally affected by the exchange rate when they travel. It is not possible for you to […]

How Can An Automated Forex API Help Novice and Experienced Traders In Making Money?

Forex trading is becoming more popular in the present days due to its market liquidity nature. In a crowded market it usually requires an excellent product to stand out, but it looks like we may possibly have just one here — at least according to the hype surrounding the product. I have great news for […]

Forex Methods That Work

Forex Methods That Work Forex is known for taken eager traders, chewing them up and spitting them out. Hopefully, this article will save you from being another meal for the sharks that circle the deadly seas of Forex. Forex is a competition, it is a zero sum game, someone has to lose money for you […]

Forex Is For Disciplined People

Forex Is For Disciplined People I am not going to focus on the technical aspect of trading in this article. I think that too many people focus on the mechanics of trading and not on the mental side. It is my experience and belief that the mental side of trading is where most people need […]

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