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Automated Forex Trading Robots – How They Can Assist With Forex Trading

To properly familiarize yourself with these programs, you must ask these two important questions: What is an automated Forex trading robot and what does it do?

Trading robots are not actually machines as what one would think. They do not consist of mechanical parts that magically make a profit at your command. The term “robot” is a symbolical term that means helping you with your trades by pointing out what currencies are hot, when to sell them and when to buy them. Forex trading robots are based on artificial intelligence created specifically for the international currency market.

An automated Forex trading robot helps keep the trader up to date with specific currency trends. It monitors the rise and fall of prices in relation to the volatility of the market. It makes use of mathematical algorithms to make computations and predictions of the prevailing trends. In order to validate the algorithms the system bases its data on historical charts and its own careful analysis of market trends.

Forex robots have numerous benefits. One of the benefits these robots have is that they are able to process quite a bit of information very quickly, thus allowing them to make more speedy and rational decisions than humans. Forex robots are an excellent choice for those on limited schedules who are seeking to increase their profit. Another nice aspect of how these robots work is their ability to look at things purely rationally. They don’t become worried, nervous, or upset causing them to be valuable in a market as chaotic as the Forex market.

Just because the robots have their benefits does not mean that they do not have some severe drawbacks as well. It isn’t wise to choose just any Forex robot to do your bidding. Therefore, you must look into the details of each one that you consider. While there are very legitimate Forex robots, there are also several scam artists hard at work trying to grab at your wallet. It is important to seek out any reviews that people may have written along with calling the company to see if it’s possible to speak with a real person and not just an automated recording. It’s important to take note of which currencies a particular robot works best with. This isn’t meant to be bias; some currencies perform differently in the market than others. Each Forex robot is different; therefore, they each perform certain trades differently. Some robots do better with larger trades while others do better with smaller trades. Once again, it is very important to do your homework on the way these robots work.

Though it may be true that a novice trader can use these robots, I personally would not recommend it. You need at least some knowledge and experience as a trader in order to know how to handle your robot. Some robots give you the option of manual control; those are the ones that you want to use. When considering features, you must take into consideration what you’re looking for specifically in a robot. A Forex robot is not a cure-all, it isn’t magic. You have to know what to do with it. It’s also equally important to shop around, just as you would shop around when searching for a new vehicle. Remember, when you combine the efficiency of a good Forex robot with your own skills as a trader it can be very beneficial. You may also learn some things about trading after having a robot for a while.

Tips When Choosing The Right Forex Robot

Forex robots are becoming regular members of the Forex market.  For some traders, Forex robots are indispensable.  Huge opportunities for traders to earn big profits or eventually accumulate huge amounts of opportunities are opening up to traders, there are certain factors like emotions that can affect your trade in a bad way.

Forex robots can put emotions aside and deal without being impartial or being biased when making decisions.  Trade decisions are important since the Forex market is so volatile and changes could happen in just a matter of seconds.  Quick reaction and decision would pay off, since timing your trade would mean so much for you to be able to increase your profit.<!–more–>

This is the major role for a Forex robotForex robots are programmed so that they would be able to enter deals that  would be profitable based on the trade signals that the program analyzes.  What’s great with Forex robots is that they would be able to carry out the strategy without compromising your judgement or setting them aside due to emotional conflicts.

If you are putting your trade career on the hands of a Forex robot, then you would have to understand the different things  about it.  The profitability of a Forex robot can be based on its quality, and quality can be different mainly because of the manufacturer of the program.

How would you know that you are getting the right Forex robot?  Let’s check.

• Your Forex robot has great background about the currency pair you are interested in. Of course, a Fore x robot can actually monitor all the currencies in the world.  But there would be programs that work best with a particular currency pair.

Forex robots sometimes would have a particular size of trade where they would work best.  When they have to trade in a bigger size that what they are recommended to do, their performance can sink eventually losing you trade deals and profits.  Make sure that you have defined how much your trading size or money you are willing to put into risk in the Forex trading. There are some programs which would work even in different sizes.

Forex robots are also available in different levels of automation.  If you would like to have a certain level of control on the machine and program, then there are programs which can allow the trader to do some partial manual trading.

• When looking for Forex robots, always ask about the money-back guarantee.  If, for some reason, the program would not technically work, you do not have to worry about buying a new one or wondering about the vendor’s return policy.

• Inquire what kind of features is included with your Forex robot software.  There are some programs that are very expensive but when you look at it closely, it does not even have any features that could help you boost your trade.  There are programs that you can purchase in a reasonable price and can offer you additional information and tools to improve your trading skills.

A Forex robot is a worthy investment.  For it to deliver based on you expectations, then you would have cautious even during the selection stage. You do not just pick up something that was popular, you would need to understand how important it is to make sure that you would get a Forex robot or a program that suits your needs.

Things You Need To Know About Forex Robot

Newcomers and experienced traders are getting introduced and liking how Forex robots are able to work for them.  Forex robots can work as an ideal Forex trader, the difference is it is automated and can be programmed.  This technology can actually work for you 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.
If traders rely on these robots for their trade and transactions, is it foolproof then?

Algorithmic Trading: The Basis Of Forex Robot

Forex robots are all based on a method of what is known as algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading is a system that employs advanced mathematical models for making transaction decisions in the financial markets. These algorithmic models are all supposed to have strict built-in rules that attempt to determine what the best time would be to place an order that will have the least effect on the price of a stock or a currency. Large blocks of shares are usually purchased by dividing the large block of shares into smaller ones and allowing the algorithms to decide when the smaller blocks are to be purchased. Algorithmic trading is most commonly used by large institutional investors due to the large amount of shares they purchase daily. The use of these algorithms allows them to obtain the best possible price without significantly affecting ( i.e. increasing) the stock’s price and increasing purchasing costs. Trading algorithms themselves have been around a lot longer than actual algorithmic trading.

The computerization of the order flow in financial markets began in the early 1970s. An early example of this was the introduction of the New York Stock Exchange’s (NYSE) DOT system (an acronym for “designated order turnaround”). DOT (later renamed SuperDot) electronically routed orders to the proper trading post in order that they could then be performed manually. Though somewhat controversial at the time (and blamed by many for being a significant factor in bringing about the infamous stock market crash of 1987), the system of algorithmic based automated trading has since evolved to the point where in some financial markets, so-called “algo trading” comprise as much as 80% of all trades executed.

Within the context of forex trading, robots using algorithmic-based charting software can aid traders in understanding the forex market through the use of such devices as charts and indicator analysis. Typically they are provided with charts that show the price movements for sets of currency pairs over a period of time which are then overlaid with price change or “tick” charts and moving average-based momentum calculations. Once a trader has selected the currency pair(s) he or she wishes to trade, algorithmic, automated trading analyzes and assembles the factors that influence the currency’s value. Whenever these factors are in what have been deemed to be their proper alignment, trades are executed automatically without any further involvement from the trader. Most estimates figure that at least 25% of all forex orders are executed via algo trading.

At present, there is still considerable debate as to whether the algorithmic formulas trumpeted by the developers of different forex robot software programs actually work as well as advertised. Notwithstanding the often grandiose claims made, there remains a significant degree of skepticism out there based on the volume of forum post out there, both pro and con. Moreover, some of the so-called “reviews” of forex robot software appear to be posted by affiliate marketers just saying positive things in exchange for a piece of the action. Generally speaking, if you are already a knowledgeable trader, then trading software might very well work, but they are not a cure-all for poor trading decisions. If you are a novice, your best bet is to take a training course that teaches the basics and how to use the automated forex expert advisers.

Which Forex Robot Is Right For You?

There are 7 factors that should be considered in your selection of a Forex Robot:

1. Total Automation
The trading robots are designed on pre-determined strategies and can perform and execute trades for maximum profits. These trading robots should have been programmed according to skilled forex professionals and literally forex trading robots that handle your trades for you.

2. Pofitibility Records
It must be said, we want to use a forex software that has been tested and proven to make money-making trades. And not only must it be profitable, we want the one that outperforms other competitors.

3. Successful Backtesting Results
Successful backtesting results prove one point – that the forex trading software has the potential to make profits on live trading. However, that said, it does not always guarantee a successful forward trade.
After all, backtesting does not take market conditions into account. When you trade live, you will realize that market and world news can instantly lead to price fluctuations. The spread between bid and ask prices of different currency pairs may widen in such situations. However, successful backtesting is the first step to evaluate a forex trading software.

4. Forward Live Trading Results
Positive live trading results are still the most evident proof of whether an expert advisor is up to it. Rarely will software suppliers provide such results right before your eyes but a glance at their time-marked live trading account is good enough.

5. Safeguard Features
It is always safe for the software to include proper safeguards as features. This is part of prudent money management. After all, it does not really matter how profitable the forex trading software has been for its backtesting and live trades. We will never know how the forex market will play out in future and the software needs to be properly configured to ensure a level of safety and assurance.

6. Drawdown Below 15%
The term “Drawdown” refers to the percentage loss in value as a result of a trading strategy before it bounces back to its original investment capital.

The drawdown is a good indicator of the risk level of the strategy and hence the corresponding level of risk the automated forex trading software is programmed to handle. Some forex robots are configured for drawdowns as high as 45%, which to me is ridiculously high!
Ideally, you should choose a forex trading robot that has a drawdown of maximum 15%. This also suggests that the strategy behind the robot’s trades is sound.

7. Money Back Guarantee
Make sure that the software vendor who offers the forex trading robot also provides a 100% money back guarantee. Since you will be able to use a free demo account, the risk of using an expert advisor is literally zero!

In summary, a really good forex trading robot/expert advisor is firstly one that runs on autopilot, requiring little intervention from you as the user, and secondly, backed by a solid and profitable strategy created by an experienced and top forex trading expert.

Forex Robots – 4 Major Reasons Traders Lose With Them

Can you make money with a Forex Robot? The answer is yes – but most traders lose with even a good robot! Here we will give you the 4 reasons traders lose and how to find the best automated Forex trading system for you…

First of all most of the Forex Robots sold are junk and lose money because they base their track record on logic that is not correct.

1. Do Not Expect Simulated Back Tests to Repeat

Most Forex robots present a simulated back test on historical back data as evidence that you are likely to make the same going forward!

This is of course not true, as anyone can make money knowing the closing prices but in the real world of trading this key advantage is not available to you.

All vendors do is – bend the rules of their system until it fits the data and gives a profit. Of course as no two pieces of historical data ever repeat, the system breaks in real time trading and the system losses.

Bending rules to fit the data is a bit like shooting at a barn wall and then drawing a chalk circle, around every shot, to make it a bulls-eye, after the event!

If you expect a simulation to give you profits in real life, you will end up disappointed and with a wipe out of equity.

2. Not Enough Cash to Start with

Most Forex robots claim you can start trading with $100 or so well even with a good system this simply is not enough money to give you any staying power and the account gets wiped out.

Now let’s say, you have a good Forex trading system with a real track record of profits, you still have to keep two key points in mind when trading it or you will lose.

3. Learn the Logic and get Confidence

I often see the phrase you can trade and not know what you are doing – but you can’t! Even if you are following a proven system, you need to know the logic on which it is based, or you will not have the confidence to trade through a losing period and stay with your system.

All systems have drawdown and you need to have, rock solid confidence to keep going until you hit a home run and this is based on knowing what you are doing.

4. Ignore the Short Term Focus Long Term

Most Forex traders want to make a short term killing but you must focus long term and ignore the short term. Most automated Forex trading systems will face drawdown periods of a few weeks to a few months and drawdown from peak equity is normally at least 25%, you need to ignore this and focus on a 2 or 3 year holding period and be patient.

A FREE Robot for Big Gains

Forex robots can and do, make money for patient disciplined traders who focus on the long term. The naive, greedy traders, (who are the majority) look for a quick killing in the market and trust simulations and they lose.

If you want a good Forex robot that’s free and works look up the 4 Week Rule.

What are Forex Robots?

What Are Forex Robots?

The Forex market is one of the most volatile markets and yet the most continuous and simultaneous trading in the world. A Forex trader profits from the movement of the different currency worldwide.  It’s market is very speculative and unpredictable.  Currency values can change in milliseconds because of different factors.  This is where Forex robots come in.

Forex robots enable traders to trade without making emotions rule trading.  There would be times when traders exit a trade because of changes, only to find out that the endangered value would come up again.  For some traders, keeping your emotions in check and maintaining composure and being rational can be very difficult.

Newbies Forex Robots

Forex trade is becoming more lucrative and attracting more and more people to start trading.  There is about $3 trillion turnover everyday and more people are becoming interested.  If you are a newcomer in this field, there are lot of things that you would hear from authorities and “so-called experts,” like using Forex robots and other automated trading strategy.

There are things that you need to know about Forex trading, as beginner.

• Not everybody in the Forex trading wins everyday.  This is totally a myth.  As a matter of fact, there is about 95 percent of Forex traders who lose their money everyday.  Start erasing all your images that Forex trading is uncomplicated and can be done easily.  Winning in Forex trading is not only about proper trading tools and equipments.  It is also about trading knowledge and mindset.

• Forex trading is not only about winning.  There are also losing periods.  It is important to know and understand

Forex Robot Advantages

We might already have an idea what a Forex robot can do for Forex traders.  Forex robot manufacturers would claim that this technology enabled them to gain more profit, but aside from this, what other advantages can a Forex robot give?

It is not unusual for a trader to lose because of backing out from a deal that they think would end up in losing,

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